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Malay’s “Your Year” is now streamable in Spotify! Check ittttt!

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After all this time, still one of the best “remixes” that i have heard.

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obsessing with the batucada / bateria sensibility (as expected from a soundtrack thats laced in Brazil)

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Production Thoughts

A little pressing issue that i have always had with some acoustic singer songwriter type things is that i always feel like there is a more creative way to go about the final product of their songs.

take for example this song “Change” by Banks. the acoustic version is totally fine and compelling because the song is great to begin with.   

but check out this final product. 

Tim Anderson, knew that making a record for her was not simply putting up a mic and recording everything that made a sound. Its a well crafted piece of music taking in consideration timbres, instrumentation and arrangement. 

So many times, artists who have songs crafted on a piano veer towards putting some kind of band setup and consider that a produced version. 

I have always felt like that there is a more productive and creative way to go about things for certain artists. I think this is an excellent example. 

Don’t get me wrong, i love acoustic singer songwriter stuff. Cat Stevens is one of my great heroes and i grew up listening to him. It just depends on the artist i guess. 

Maybe the point of this post is to try and challenge the way people think about production and how to go about their final products. Adapting to the times and seeing what other people are doing. Referencing tracks is something that has been taught to me and has been valuable in going about the stuff i do. 

I dont know, i just needed to say it i guess. Peace! 

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last 3 days!!! Please help me help typhoon Haiyan victims by donating! So grateful for everyone who has helped out and spread the word. The rebuilding process is long and tedious and any kind of help from you and your friends would go a long way! 

As a token of my gratitude, you will get an amazing album for free with tracks generously given by my friends who i look up to and are some of the best artists that i have known in the last couple of years! 

take a listen to this great track from Aleksandra Denda that was produced by my friend Giosuè 

click the link to donate!

SoundCloud / thebayanihanproject


Im pretty sure you guys know by now that i am really excited about all the tracks that my friends and colleagues donated for TBP, a fundraising campaign i started for typhoon #haiyan victims in the Philippines. But i am really excited about this because i have a previously unreleased and totally new track from one of my good friends Felipe Mejia 

If you do not know him yet, you should look him up. I met him in school and he is a super talented Producer / Engineer / Sound Designer / Audio person from Colombia and i was really stoked when he gave me this track because i really look up to his work. 

more about him and his track “Omega Centauri” in the next couple of days. for now, enjoy listening to this! 

Donate to help rebuild lives of typhoon victims in the Philippines and receive an amazing album for free! 


SoundCloud / thebayanihanproject

"…Through darkness and bleakness 
Through tunnels and weakness I go
From darkness into light 
Through shadows of the night I go…”

I love these lyrics! As some of you might have known. Jess Harlen Music is the current featured artist of The Bayanihan Project, a fundraising i started for typhoon victims in The Philippines and she generously donated this track “I Go” to the compilation. Listen to it! 

Get it for free as well as an amazing compilation album from great artists which i will feature soon when you donate!

Thanks for your time! Hope you all are having a great day!

SoundCloud / thebayanihanproject


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ugh. so good! electronic music / and art history in my ears!!!

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Amit May Cohen - On Thin Hills

Amit May Cohen - Composition, Arrangement, Conducting and Guitar

Tomer Ron, Remy Labbe - Trumpets,
David Joslin - Trombone
Khiyon Hursey - Alto Sax
Brandon Wilkins - Tenor Sax
Shachar Ziv - French Horn
Joe Miller - Drums
Max Ridley - Contrabass
Jeremy Wisoff - Piano

Recorded and Mixed by Jorelpogi

SoundCloud / jorelpogi

Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and Carly Rae Jepsen’s clip reminded me of a couple of things today:

1. dynamics plays a big part in any genre of music. (even in a simple video like this, ?uesto can school any other drummer how to be incredibly dynamic LITERALLY, check out how he goes in an out, ain’t that much more impactful? i wish 90% of musicians understood that)

2. a good song doesnt need fancy instrumentation to be a good song, im pretty sure you can sing that tune by itself and understand the theme and message. incidentally, they used the “randomest” instruments to supply the harmony and rhythm.

3. stop taking your craft too seriously and have a little fun.

4. sometimes a simple message can be conveyed better across millions of people rather than a deep seeded mouthful thats full of insight. I guess you can chalk this up to message “dynamics” as well.

5. So many people think this kind of stuff is “sellout” crap, but coming from a production standpoint, i think this song is well thought out and exercises extreme discipline in harmony and rhythmic choices. (great job Josh Ramsay)

6. dont play your recorder backward. HAHA

7. always get Frank Knuckles to play bongos

good morning! peace to all you hAtErZzzZZZZzZZZ!!! ^_____^

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